Sunday, February 8, 2015

String-of-10 Flash Fiction Contest

The String-of-10 Flash Fiction Contest hosted by Flash Fiction Chronicles opens TODAY! The prizes are generous and the challenge is exciting. They're looking for stories up to 250 words that include at least 4 of the terms from their intriguing word list, and for an added bonus you can choose to write to their theme, a quote from Galileo. See the list of 10 words and the full rules here. 

I love this contest. I've never made it into the winner's circle, but I've received honorable mentions and come up with the kernels for stories I've expanded and sent elsewhere. Even when I don't come out of the week with anything to submit, I still enjoy the creative whirlwind set off by that word list. 

It only lasts for a week (closing at midnight PST on 2/15/15) so get writing and best of luck!