Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Reading Year

I juuuust barely made it to 100 books in 2014. Yay! I was tempted to break down every last snazzy statistic like some bloggers have done (check out Jessica Spotswood's awesome post), but my brain started going all bleary with the counting and crossed categories, and I'm eager to get a jump on my reading and writing goals for this year instead, so I'll save the analysis for another year when I do a better job of labeling as I go. 

Here's the simpler summary:

Read: 100

Owned: 44 (including 35/50 on the Off The Shelf Challenge...need to work on that)
Borrowed: 56

Audiobooks: 11
E-books: 12
Good ol' paper and ink books: 77

Non-fiction: 21
Fiction: 79

And, in alphabetical order...

Top Three Nonfiction:

Top Ten Fiction: (yeah, there was no way I was getting this list down to only three)