Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Me as Little Red Riding Hood with my not so big or bad Wolflet.

We didn't have a great showing of trick-or-treaters this year, nom nom nom more candy for me though I did enjoy the nerdy accountant who said he was there to "collect the required candy tax" from us, and then chose a box of nerds "because I'm a nerd, I guess." 

And since Halloween is all about nightmares, I'm now off to read more of Stephen King's IT before bed (after years and years of avoiding the book because I am a horror wuss with no desire to develop a fear of clowns*). I should also do something resembling more outlining so that NaNoWriMo won't be quite so, yaknow, scary. 

How was your Halloween? 

*Which is why I still never ever plan to watch the movie. The book is excellent so far though!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Where I've Been

So, Jillian, you haven’t been around here in FOR-EV-ER.

Did you get eaten by a bear?

Nope. Though thanks to my husband's misguided dream to someday bicycle in the frozen Canadian/Alaskan wildernesses, I have been reading some amazing(ly terrifying) bear stories lately.

Did you fall into a pit?

Not unless it's a figurative one where I am buried under the stuff I have to do. Or a metaphor for how addicting Parks & Rec is now that I am finally watching it.

So then what HAVE you been doing?

Mostly working at the two part-time jobs I started at the end of Spring. (Yaaaay additional employment!) One was a promotion of sorts; previously I was tutoring student-athletes at the community college, now I’m advising them and overseeing their tutors. The other job is with a private company helping individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum improve their school, work, and social skills. I honestly never expected to use my psychology degree in this way, but I’m so, so happy that a string of lucky circumstances put me in this part of the field. The learning curves for both jobs have been intense, but they feel like the right sort of challenge, and I’ve met some freaking fantastic people so far.

I’ve also been enjoying walks with spastic puppy, crisp autumn rides on my new road bike, cooking competitions with friends who share our Gordon Ramsay obsession, a ton of physical therapy for all my random injuries, and the time-consuming joys of home ownership. (Refinishing the garage door! Crying over old, persnickety plumbing! Trying to make our overgrown front yard less of an embarrassment to the neighborhood! It’s an exciting life I lead, I tell ya.)

Have you still been writing?

Errrmmm. Yes? Some. Not nearly enough. I’ve finished and subbed two or three short stories over the past few months (no luck yet) and I’m currently wrestling with another outline-shaped-monster for version number forty-two million of Impossible Novel.

Have you still been reading?

Yes! Lots, actually. I’ve even kept the Reading tab here updated, because I like lists and progress bars far too much.

Do you plan to return to blogging? Like, more than once every few months?

Definitely. I’ll never be one of those bloggers on a frequent, predictable schedule, but I plan to hang out here more often. I missed you guys!

And what about that NaNoWriMo thing coming up that you seem to do every year even when it doesn't seem like the best idea?

I am a creature of addiction masochism competitive stubbornness habit, so there is a very good chance. What about you?