Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Off Break and Off to Camp

Today marks the end of Spring Break, and as expected I didn’t complete all of my overambitious goals. But I did watch a lot of amazing basketball. 

Wait, crap, that wasn’t on my list. 

I did manage to read these:

All of which were somewhere between Good and Freaking Amazing, so yay!
And I kept moving forward on planning my WIP, slowly but surely, so that I’d be in a position to use Camp NaNoWriMo to the fullest instead of just churning out The Random. Yesterday was Day One and I found 1700 words to put down when my goal was only 1000, so here’s to keeping that pace and exceeding my 30,000 words goal! I can't seem to find a progress bar widget that links directly to my NaNo account. (Didn't they have those for regular NaNoWriMo? Am I missing something?) But maybe I'll put up a manual one.

It probably helped that I avoided much of the internet yesterday because I rarely find it worth the energy to separate fact from fiction on April Fool’s Day (though I did used to pull up those articles later when teaching students about evaluating claims and sources, hehe) but this one I like. 

Best of luck making your own words appear and characters develop and actions happen and complications arise and such...

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