Monday, March 4, 2013

Success From Branching Out

I am a fan of March already. The days have been crisp but sunny enough that it almost feels like spring, and I have two exciting pieces of writing news to brag about share. 

My poem “Uncanny” has been published in the latest issue of Spellbound, a speculative fiction e-zine for readers 8-12 years old.

Lovely cover, right? More info on the issue here.
Wait, a poem? Since when do you write poems? asks my imaginary reader who keeps track of such things.

I actually used to write poetry all the time, and even won some awards as a kid before digressing to angsty teenage poetry that fortunately never saw the light of day. (And not even just angsty poetry. Angsty SONNETS.) And as an adult I’ve written a few humorous poems as gifts and done two freelance poems for an educational company, but I still usually see myself as a prose writer. And I was fully planning to write a story for the Spellbound prompt. But when the first line came to me and the concept started to trickle after it, I knew it wanted to be a poem, and I’m very glad I listened!

I also just found out that my story "Cast Away" was a finalist for the String-of-10 contest I blogged about a little while ago. No prize or publication for the finalists, but still, Woohoo! I'm especially excited because the story was my first real foray into magical realism, so it's nice to know I'm on the right track with it (though I guess it's not too much of a stretch from my usual genre of "weird mostly fantasy stuff"). 

I’m glad branching out to try newish things paid off this month, and I'm really hoping I take this momentum and ride it through the rest of March, subbing more short stories and hacking away at my novel draft at a faster pace. How's the month going for you so far?


  1. Yay for momentum!! 2013 is a good year. I can feel it.

    1. Thanks, I hope so! I think I'm going to adopt your belief in the magic of odd numbered years. :-)

  2. Well done, Jillian! Now send that String of Ten story somewhere else so we can all read it. :)

  3. What a gorgeous e-zine! Congratulations.