Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crazy House

For the last month or so I’ve been rather absent from the blogosphere (and many other spheres, actually – my friends may be wondering if I'm still alive, and my writing has slowed down to the minimum crawl necessary to meet the requirements of my writing group, W1S1, etc. in the most pathetic ways possible) because my husband and I bought a house!!! 

While my husband was shopping for tools and other "necessary" materials for the house, I picked up the important things.
It's our first foray into home-ownership, and it's all very exciting but also very filled with boxes and dust and giant spiders (eeeeeeek) and a lawn so overgrown it could be hiding all sorts of monsters. While the house wouldn't really qualify as a fixer-upper, it's amazing how many small things need to be repaired, cleaned, and changed before it will feel like home. We're also trying to finish moving in while hosting family, because the schedule gods decided that would be amusing. What, you mean your guests don't usually spend their vacation schlepping boxes around and building walls of rocks in your garden? They're clearly missing out.

I'll continue to be fairly absent around here until the house chaos recedes, but hopefully I'll have some photos to post soon. And since I've been reading Laini Taylor's blog even more than usual in the hopes that her amazing house renovation and decoration skillz will rub off on me (or her writing skills that would be cool too), I'll leave you with a great post she did last year about (doll)houses and writing that I turn to whenever a manuscript is giving me the blahs.