Saturday, July 21, 2012

Throwing Ashes and Getting Dirty

Exciting news: my story Last Respects is up on Every Day Fiction today. Woohoo!

I planned to blog about it earlier today, but you know how sometimes life gets messy...

That's me in red participating in the Dirty Dash, a fun run filled with lots of mud and other obstacles like cargo nets to climb, hay bales to hurdle, and pipes to crawl through. And as soon as I got home and rinsed off all the mud, I went on a long bike ride for a different challenge because SOMETIMES I AM CRAZY LIKE THAT. 


So now I'm finally home for the day, sprawled on the couch, just awake enough to type this semi-coherent blog post and to hope that you enjoy my Every Day Fiction story (and consider signing up for a mud run, because they're tons of fun.)

~ Exhausted

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