Sunday, July 15, 2012

Opportunities for Awesome Prizes

First, if you're a fan of micro/flash fiction and snazzy prizes that allow you to write anywhere (in the shower! in the dark! with no hands!), check out this week's installment of Writer Unboxed Sizzling Sundays of Summer Flash Fiction Contest. You have until Wednesday to respond to the prompt with a story under 250 words, and the top 3-4 stories each week will move on to compete for prizes at the end of the summer. (And thanks to Madeline for sharing the link on her blog, where I seem to find all the cool contests -- I think her tortoises must have contest-finding Super Powers).

There's also an EPIC giveaway for YA Highway's 3rd Anniversary. There are SO MANY books up for grabs, not to mention critiques and a grand prize Nook or Kindle!

There are also SO MANY BOOKS being given away on the Friday the Thirteeners blog, along with some hilarious fake covers based on anagrams of their books. Check them out!

Plus there's another guest post and giveaway in Nova Ren Suma's amazing Turning Points series (seriously, I'd recommend reading all of them.)

More substantial posts should be showing up here soon (I say that as if magical elves will be responsible for them, which would be nice) but I just saw so much contest awesomeness on the internets today that I had to share. Because, you know, it's important to share...


  1. Nah, the tortoises' super power is digging under the greens in their food dish to find the strawberries. That, and looking both wise and cute at the same time. :)

    1. Haha, fair enough. I'm still going to imagine them with capes.