Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eat the Ears First

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter / springtime Sunday today. I wasn’t able to celebrate with my family the way I did growing up (and I do mean just like when I was growing up: I just saw photos of all of my cousins egg-hunting today even though the youngest is headed off to college). But Kyle and I did have friends over for board games, a yummy curry, and a very special themed dessert:

Why no, we haven’t been asked to guest star on Cake Boss yet. How did you know? ;-)

We do love books and puns though, so I have to point out that the cake beneath the icing is red velvet, making this our Red Velveteen Rabbit cake.
And at least our quirky creation isn't terrifying like these Bunnies Gone Wrong. I see a generation of Little Alberts waiting to happen. 

Here's hoping your day was happy, chocolatey, and full of non-traumatizing bunnies. :-D


  1. I eat the ears first, too. How can I resist?

    Cute cake! Yum.

  2. I don't know-the eyes are a little disturbing....

    1. You should have seen them before I found the caramel creams and kisses, when my only idea was to use dried cranberries. Red eyes + poorly iced "fur" = rabid rabbit for sure.