Monday, March 26, 2012

Wide Open Week of Work Recap

It's accountability time! Here's how I did on my overly ambitious goals for last week:
Finish five books. Almost. I got through four: Blue Fire; Henry V, War Criminal?; When She Woke; and Imaginary Girls. I enjoyed all of them, and was completely blown away by the last two. Thank you fellow bloggers who recommended When She Woke wow!

Read Me
Polish and submit my story for Kazka’s 713 Flash Call. Yes! By “polish” it turns out I meant “fight the thing tooth and nail to bring down the word count while keeping the story,” but it all worked out by submission time.
Finish editing another story. Yes, though not the one I was expecting.

Start a story for Shakespeare Unfettered. No, but I have a running list of ideas now.  

Write two blog posts. Only if this one counts. ;-)

Outline the freaking WIP already. Errrmm, no. Haven’t even started. Sigh.  

Do some scrapbooking. Yes. There was much cutting, pasting, and reminiscing this week.
Do something fun and active every day. Almost. I need to break out my basketball and hula hoop more often though. (Probably not at the same time, but who knows?)

Remain a functioning adult who keeps reasonable hours and meals. Yes to the meals, but I don’t know what time zone I thought I was on. My inner night owl went a bit crazy without my early bird husband around.
What's next?
I should have a good deal of time this week as well, so I'm hoping to read at least two books and work on the writing goals I didn't accomplish last week. I also have several pieces of news to share in upcoming posts, so stay tuned! And best of luck with whatever goals you want to meet this week!


  1. Well done, Jillian! Glad you liked WHEN SHE WOKE! (Read her other one, MUDBOUND, for something totally different than WSW but still excellent - I actually liked it better.)

    Hula hoop basketball? Sounds both interesting and potentially dangerous - at least if I was playing. :)

    And I thought that WAS the definition of "polish"... :)

    1. I was definitely intrigued by the blurbs about Mudbound on the back of WSW. Glad to hear it's worth the read!

      I do seem to be drawn to dangerous sports. Maybe it's time to try hula hoop basketball. :-D

      And yes, polishing is never as easy as it seems, not even close. Haha.