Monday, March 19, 2012

The Week Ahead

Please don’t smite me, writers with kids and full-time jobs and a million responsibilities, but…

I have a wide open week in front of me. 

As wide open as the roads we rode out west
It’s between terms (schools here are on the quarter system), so I don’t have tutoring work, volunteer hours, or gym access. My husband will be away at a conference until Friday. I don't have social plans because my friends are still on a normal work week. It's supposed to be cold and rainy, so I won’t be tempted to spend extra time outside. Basically, I’m set up for a SUPER! WEEK! OF! PRODUCTIVITY! The only impediment is March Madness, because I am very much one of *those* fans who will watch any game at any time. I’m cheering on the Gonzaga and Green Bay women as I write this post (I always love an upset) and yesterday I watched all 12 hours of men’s basketball coverage – often it was just on in the background while I was working or cleaning or playing Settlers with friends, but still, even I admit that sounds a bit insane.

So, to make sure I actually use my free week, I’m going to post my audacious goal list here.

- Finish five books (I’m halfway through two, so this isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds)

- Polish and submit my story for Kazka’s 713 Flash Call (due midnight tomorrow)
- Finish the other story that I thought I was writing for Kazka’s 713 Flash Call until I realized the story arc needed at least 2000 words.
- Start a story for Shakespeare Unfettered (I don’t even have an idea yet, but my Shakespeare obsession has to still be good for something)
- Write two blog posts (to post now or save for later)
- Outline the freaking WIP rewrite already

- Do some scrapbooking (I am YEARS behind at this point, and it's easy to do while watching basketball) 
- Shoot hoops or hula hoop or do something else every day that is fun and does not involve sitting
- Keep the schedule of a reasonable, functioning adult. (My husband is a bit afraid I’ll starve while he’s away. Not because he usually does all of the shopping and cooking – I’d say we split it evenly – but because he initiates all of the meal planning and cooking. I’m much more likely to get wrapped up in something, suddenly realize it’s 8pm, and decide that a bowl of couscous and some pudding counts as dinner. And without my early-to-bed-early-to-rise husband around, I'm also more likely to get wrapped up in something and suddenly realize it's 2am and I should probably go to bed, though I'm much less of a night owl than I used to be.)

Sooooo we'll see how I do! Anyone else have big plans for the week, or find yourself as March Mad as I am?


  1. " something else every day that is fun and does not involve sitting." Ha! I should try that one. I do bike ride a lot...but I guess that's still sort of sitting... :)

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! Cycling is my default too. I'll probably still count it, but hopefully I'll get in some non-seated activities too. :-D