Friday, February 24, 2012

Loving Libraries and Le Guin

I’ve read a lot of books in the past two weeks. 

Imaginary reader who regularly peruses my blog tabs: But Jillian, you haven’t crossed a book off of your Off the Shelves list in FOREVER. You're so far behind!

Okay, yes, true, but it’s all the library’s fault. What was I supposed to do when all of my library wait list books were ready at the same time? How am I going to turn down A Million Suns, City of Bones, and a few other books that called to me on the way out? And then when I returned them yesterday, I spotted Red Glove on the shelf, not even on a wait list, just sitting there begging me to take it home and finally catch up with Cassel. (And it’s soooo good guys. I’m rushing right back into it as soon as I finish this blog post.)

Despite all this cheating on my Off the Shelves list, I’m still committed to finishing the challenge… and if I do, there’s a good chance I’ll read 100 books total this year, something I’ve never done. So there’s a second progress bar under the Reading tab now. Yes, I am ridiculous.

Fittingly, February is Library Lovers' month (or so the internets tell me). I’ve always loved libraries, of course. The tiny local one where my mom volunteered and I spent hours discovering new worlds. The university library that blew my mind by letting grad students take out books indefinitely until someone else requested them. The Frederick library, a gorgeous, well-stocked space in walking distance of our old apartment. And now I have even more love for my new local library, which not only gave me so many great books this week, but is also celebrating Fahrenheit 451 in March with a host of awesome events, including a talk by Ursula freaKing Le Guin! Gah! I’m really excited and currently reading The Lathe of Heaven and Steering the Craft to celebrate, also thanks to the library. Love!

 Do you have any library love notes or great recent reads to share?


  1. Ha! I struggle with sticking to my OTS Challenge books - not that I don't want to read them because I really do but because there's so many new books out/coming out that I want to read NOW. (I practically drool when I see my reserved books are ready for pick up from the library!) :)

    I have a loose system of alternating one book from my shelves with one from the library/new one. :)

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one, and that sounds like an excellent plan.