Sunday, February 19, 2012

I stalk ducks and play Amish card games

I’m late in thanking both Aldrea and Laurie for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award. 


The award calls for a list of ten facts about myself. I did one of those back here, but I'm happy to share some more randomness about myself.

1. As a child, I wanted to grow up to be Jane Goodall. Then I realized that I didn't even know how to camp.

2. As part of this career plan, I took a lot of “wildlife photos” in my neighborhood. Unfortunately this was before the age of digital photography, and my mom got really tired of paying for so many rolls of film filled with photos of ducks and blurry squirrels. 

3. There is still a small part of me that wants to be the badass woman who feeds the lions at the Cat Park we visited last summer though. Maybe without the belt of raw meat.

4. (Lady Gaga meat dress segue!) I love shows like Project Runway, but I do not understand a lot of modern fashion. I also have zero cutting or sewing skills, so I wouldn't do very well anyway.

5. I spent recess in early elementary school doing one of two things: playing soccer with the boys or sitting on the blacktop with my best friend, trying to move small objects with our minds. 

6. My first car was an ancient Volvo in geriatric gold. I named him Franco after a long story involving a rain storm and a depressing French movie.

7. I love card and board games. Topping the list are Dutch Blitz (an "Amish" card game from my homeland that I'm trying to spread across the country), CatchPhrase, Crack the Case, Bananagrams, Settlers of Catan, and most kinds of rummy. 
8. I also love musicals, everything from Rent to The Muppet Christmas Carol. I don’t know why it took me so long to become a Gleek, honestly. 

9. I have never been skiing or snowboarding. Judging by how poorly I skate and water ski (the one time I tried each), this may be a good thing, but living this close to Bend I may need to give them a try.

10. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of creative spelling. But I forgive you, Kreativ blog award. You're super snazzy.

 And I'm excited to pass the Kreativ Blogger award on to some of my favorite creative blogs.


  1. Thanks for the award, Jillian!

    Don't feel bad - I love Project Runway and Top Chef, too, but I can't sew or cook. Go figure. :)

    1. Yeah, I've learned a lot of culinary vocabulary from those kinds of shows, but I'm not sure my cooking is any better either :-D

  2. Thank you, Jillian!

    The problem with shows like Project Runway is they make me think I'm way more creative/interesting/inventive than I really am. I think, "I could do that too."

    Yeah, no. Just. NO.

  3. That looks weird in black an white...

    What I mean is: No, I am not creative/interesting/inventive as I think I am.

    I still TOTALLY watch those shows. LOL!!!!!!

    1. Haha, don't worry - I understand completely. There is a lot of self-delusion going on whenever I watch those shows!

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