Thursday, December 1, 2011

That Sneaky Little Bird

In the previous post I mentioned that after NaNoWriMo I still had to write and submit a story for this month’s Write 1 Sub 1. I managed to complete that in time… but at a price. 
I spent most of today (or technically yesterday now) working on a traditional length short story. I liked the draft, but I knew it wouldn't be ready to submit in time, so I started looking through my older stories and my list of markets to figure out another plan. I randomly ended up on Nanoism’s website of Twitter-length microfiction, which I always love reading but have never tried myself. But why not? I thought. (Because you’re really bad at being concise, part of me answered, but I ignored it.) 

My laptop was running out of power anyway, so I grabbed some scrap paper, and by the time I left the coffee shop I had written more than twenty micro stories… about five of which were actually any good. I obsessively edited as usual (why yes, I can spend an eternity nitpicking even a mere 140 characters), picked one of them, and went to submit it. 

Then I saw that the form asked for a Twitter ID. It didn’t require one, but it strongly recommended it, which made me think they might not appreciate my planned bio (Jillian loves writing 140 character stories, but has not yet joined Twitter. #irony).  And writing 140-character fiction was so fun… why not 140-character nonfiction? 

The thing is, I’ve been resisting Twitter for a while. I just didn’t need another social networking thing taking up time; I was happy with Facebook for old friends and Blogger for new writing friends. Okay, and at some point it probably just became stubbornness. But I’ve been tempted by Twitter many times: when my husband joined, when he got me addicted to hilarious feeds like deargirlsaboveme, when my favorite authors and bloggers referenced Twitter conversations, when I couldn’t enter Twitter-only giveaways. I always wondered what would break me. Apparently it took a new microfiction addiction with a little help from Kyle, who renewed his crusade to get me on Twitter as soon as I brought up my current dilemma.
Yeah, yeah, Twitter bird. You win.

I don’t have any idea when or what I’ll be tweeting yet (especially because I really am bad at being concise, as evidenced by this long and meandering post about writing brief things) and I'm waiting until tomorrow to really figure it out and start following people and such, but here is the evidence that the little bird has defeated me at last.

I actually wanted that to be an image or widget or something rather than just a link, but clearly I have no idea what I'm doing yet. Any advice you have for Twitter n00bs is very welcome in the comments!


  1. No advice here - I write Twitter Fiction but am not on Twitter. I'm a rebel that way. :)

    (Nanoism is a great market/site and I also like One Forty Fiction.)

  2. Haha - I knew I should have held strong and found other rebels like me! I'm enjoying Twitter so far though.

    Thanks so much for the One Forty Fiction tip.

  3. Short stories take me forever to write. I'm still polishing one I started at the beginning of the year.

    Personally, I quite enjoy Twitter. I get a lot of my news there, which sounds weird, until you realize that what gets posted on Twitter is completely unfiltered by the media. When Occupy Wall Street was getting gassed, people at the protests were updating their feeds by the minute. Same with Vancouver riots, Arab spring, etc. It's pretty interesting stuff. Twitter is the only place that mentioned National Opt Out day was derailed not by lack of participation, but by TSA turning off all the body scanners.

    Not to get too political... :/

  4. I have actually found new agents to query via Twitter. I'm not the most prolific Tweeter, but I use it a lot more than Facebook. See you there! :)

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