Monday, November 21, 2011

NaNo: Second Third

I like to joke that November is the only month where I can keep track of the date, thanks to obsessing over my NaNoWriMo progress. So imagine my chagrin when I realized today was the 21st, not the 20th, which would have been two thirds of the way through, following up on the “first third” entry that I did after forgetting to post a "first week" entry... So much confusion. I think I’ll just go back to never knowing the date. 

So I’m feeling rather blindsided that I have a little over a week to finish, but my word count is on target. (Or, rather, it was on target through yesterday, and will be again if I ever get off of Blogger and WRITE SOMETHING today). I won’t give a day-by-day recap of the second third,  but I’ll share a few random tidbits: 

--If you are competitive and need word count motivation, check out the Faces tool. Click on your region – or beg your ML to add your region if it isn’t there – and you can see your word count standing compared to everyone who lives near you. Very neat and oh so motivating…until your name disappears from the list with no explanation, which just happened to me. Arg! Another thing to use for procrastination figure out. 

--Scrivener (yay!) encourages me to write scenes out of order or skip whole sections altogether. This method is excellent for my interest and productivity, but I have a feeling the full draft will be even messier than the previous ones, which I wasn’t sure was possible. I'm currently imagining armies of continuity supervisors weeping.

--For the first time ever I have two characters falling for each other. I even find the male lead swoon-worthy myself (which is kind of necessary for the writing to work, I hear). Yes, the confused anti-romantic is writing a cute couple in the midst of all the darkness and creepiness. They even flirt and dance together and stuff. No kissing scenes yet though, and absolutely no love triangles. You didn’t expect me to jump into YA romance with both feet, did you?

--I got a much-needed piece of inspiration while idly watching a new TV show (Once Upon a Time) and I think some segments of Planet Earth will really help me get a feel for the natural landscapes I need to describe. Unfortunately, now it’s even harder to tell myself to stay away from Hulu when I should be writing. (No, self, those shows do not count as research; there are no competitions or musicals or murder mysteries in your story. No, self, you cannot watch Terra Nova and claim to be learning about plot holes. Besides, it doesn’t even have any good raptors.

--Each day I think, Tomorrow will be my massive writing day, when I will sit at my computer and churn out thousands upon thousands of words and reach 50,000 a week  several days very slightly early. So far I have not reached that magical Tomorrow. Maybe it will be today. 

Or, more likely, tomorrow. 

How about you?


  1. I almost laughed out loud at this - "I'm currently imagining armies of continuity supervisors weeping" - until I looked at my floor, covered in different colored index cards showing how awry my plot has gone, and then I cried instead.

    Oh, and yes, tomorrow will be the massive writing day. Or maybe Friday. Yes, Friday will be the massive writing day... :)

  2. Hehe. Glad to know I'm not alone on either count. Scrivener also makes my notecards and plot appear much more organized and logical than they really are - hence the added danger!