Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nano Problems and Solutions

On Monday I mentioned that two items on my Nano Prep List weren’t ready yet -- cookies and Scrivener. But now...

#1) I made some yummy and easy baked goods:

In true Nano spirit, I used recipes found by fellow writer-bloggers, though I ended up modifying both slightly. On top are the super healthy but yummy No Sugar Oat Drops that Katy Upperman posted about here. I cut out the coconut flakes (because I don’t like coconut) and the almond meal (because I don’t like spending lots of money on unfamiliar baking ingredients) and just added more oats and nuts instead. This may have been why the finished product didn’t have a lot of cohesion, but if you don’t mind eating crumbly cookie bites (which I don't) then they are super awesome...and guilt free!

Then I made the super easy flourless peanut butter cookies that Julie shared here. I followed some suggestions on the original recipe site and doubled everything except for the sugar, because they're plenty sweet with half of the suggested amount -- which means I'm allowed to call them healthy too, right? Seriously though, so easy: two eggs + two cups of peanut butter + one cup of sugar at 350 for 10 minutes. Done. And so, so, so delicious. I just went downstairs to get another one. Okay, two.

And Julie must have known that I needed something to drink with my cookies, because she also passed on the One Lovely Blog Award complete with rosy teacup:
Thanks! There don't seem to be any set rules connected to it and I'm not sure who already has it, but it seems fitting to bestow it on Katy, whose blog is quite lovely even when she isn't giving out recipes for great baked goods :-D

#2) For those of you who (like me until a few days ago) only look at Scrivener’s main website and not their blog or tweets, Scrivener for Windows is kind of HERE! It will be ready November 7th and is available now for pre-order at a 10% discount because they felt bad about all the delays. I was super excited…until I discovered that I could no longer find my 50% off code from winning Nanowrimo last year (which can be combined with the current 10% discount – woohoo!) Fortunately the people at Scrivener and Nanowrimo are awesome and helped me sort everything out. In two days I will be the proud owner of the real Scrivener for Windows for only $18. Huzzah!

As far as my Nano novel problems go, like why it’s so hard for me to decide on one tense or what on earth my characters are going to do in a few days when they run out of outline…. Well, hopefully I'll find those solutions soon. I'm just happy that I'm keeping up with my word count goals and eating lots of cookies and half-priced Halloween candy. 

How is Nanowrimo /normal writing life / cookie and candy consumption going for everyone else?


  1. I haven't made any treats but I have been drinking a lot of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and I have been zipping with caffeine. Unfortunately, that zippiness IS NOT carrying over to my writing. The NaNo novel is coming along slowly but I feel pretty rooted in the story so I'm happy overall. :)

    (Do you want to share your NaNo name? I'll add you to my Buddy List if you want.) :)

  2. I need to pick up Scrivener. I've heard only good things about it. However, I do my writing on two different computers (a Mac and a PC) which seemed logical at the time, but now I worry about whether I'd have to buy two copies of the program and whether the documents would talk to each other... meh.

    Good luck with NaNo!

  3. I would love to be NaNo friends. You (and anyone else who is interested) can find me as veryhungrybookworm. Thanks!

  4. Sarah - I do think you'd have to buy two copies of Scrivener, unfortunately, and I don't know about the documents talking to each other. Maybe with the help of something like Dropbox? I don't know... :-/

  5. Since the almond meal and the coconut both provide some fat to the recipe, adding more oats did dry out the recipe. You can make a peanut meal by grinding peanuts and a little sugar (yes, I know, but you need the abrasiveness of the sugar crystals-just a little) in a food processor to replace the almond meal. You could also probably increase the canola oil or add some applesauce and get moister cookies-but if you don't mind eating them with a spoon like granola I would say you
    are good to go!

  6. Oh, I actually had what I needed to make almond meal even, but I picked recipes that were easy and required minimal clean-up on purpose, so I refused to dig out any mixers or processors ;-P Applesauce is a good idea though.

  7. Yea-don't wash that food processor blade by hand.