Monday, October 31, 2011

Waiting to Wrimo

I am getting antsy. 

Not only am I waiting for Nanowrimo to begin (T-minus 5 hours for those of us on the west coast of the US)...

I am waiting for the Nanowrimo site to release word count widgets.
I am waiting for Scrivener to release their Windows version (which, ahem, was promised in “early 2011”)

I am waiting for trick-or-treaters to decide that our alley isn’t so scary.  

I am waiting for it to be late enough that I can give up on the trick-or-treaters ever visiting us and eat all the candy myself. 

I am waiting for these weird marks on my forehead to fade:

They’re from wearing an EEG hood during a psychology experiment that I participated in (for $40!) today, but I’m thinking of just incorporating them into a costume. Alien or small pox victim seem most likely. 

And, most importantly, I am waiting for the kitchen elves to finish baking the goodies that I wanted to have on hand for Nanowrimo. Oh, wait, I was supposed to make those. Hmmmph.

I did have some success with my Nano Prep List though, since I bought some lovely convertible fingerless gloves last week:

And I realized that scheduling around hosting friends and family was actually going to be easier than anticipated. 

You might remember that I also made a goal to finish a full outline for my Nano novel and submit three short stories to journals. Instead, I have half of an outline and one submitted story, though a second one is ready to go when the magazine in question opens up for submissions tomorrow, so that will have to do for now since I am full steam ahead for Nanowrimo. Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it already, I’m being helped along in my story submissions goal by Write 1 Sub 1, which you should definitely check out. My progress on Write1 Sub1, Nanowrimo, and the Off the Shelves Reading Challenge (which I did a great job on last week but am still woefully behind on overall) can be found in my handy Challenges tab, if you're interested. 

And now, back to the waiting...


  1. I think you should incorporate those funky circle things on your head into your NaNo novel somehow. :)

    And I knew I forgot something for NaNo - baked goody treats! Although I already had two cups of coffee this morning and have only made it halfway through my word count. This being a NaNo rebel is harder than I thought...

  2. Haha - I had the same thought about the circles!

    And I'm struggling with Day One too, even with (or maybe because of) my outline. Maybe we just need cookies.