Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tagged for Ten

I’m slowly (and with embarrassing moments of computer-illiteracy) adding tabs and features and such. I haven’t gotten around to doing the two most common and useful tabs – info about myself and my current projects but you can get to know a little more about me in this post, since the wonderful and talented Madeline over at The Shellshank Redemption has tagged me for a "Ten Random Things" post. Here we go...

1) I was raised on baseball as well as books. I went to my first minor league game when I was maybe a month old. I learned to keep score a few years later and would often refuse to leave boring, blowout games because I wanted a complete scorecard. We vacationed to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown pretty much every year, and once my brother and I posed for these amazing photos:

2) My hair was stick straight when I was a kid and only gradually got curly. It took a lot of awkward, frizzy years to get used to it, but I’m a fan now. 

3) I have no sense of direction or map reading skills. It’s really, really, really bad.

4) I’m allergic to strawberries (which I looove to eat, sadly) and penicillin. I also get sick if I eat ice cream after I’ve eaten fish, even though I am not allergic to fish or dairy separately. Strange but true.

5) The summer after my freshman year, our frisbee team played for over two days straight to break the Marathon Ultimate world record. I hurt my leg and got mono, and our record has been broken by several teams since, but hey, I can say I was once a world record holder. 

6) Relatedly, my ultimate frisbee nickname is Stitch, mostly because of injuries, but also because of a resemblance/fondness for this crazy little guy:
7) I firmly believe that “relatedly” should be a real word. 

8) I don't have a lot of artistic talent, but I've done some cool collage projects, and after much practice I can draw reasonable stick figures, dinosaurs, penguins, and palm trees.

9) I have a weird ability to memorize the commercials on Hulu. The Mayhem ones are my favorite, and I also find myself singing the Truvia song all the time.

10) I’ve never had any interest in studying modern medicine – you know, the practical, life-saving stuff –  but I am obsessed with crazy medical theories from the Renaissance.

11) My lucky number is eleven, so I'm adding one to the list. I'm a little sad I don't have anything momentous planned for 11/11/11 this year. However, I'm excited to plug Jeigh’s  Eleventy-First Follower Giveaway. It features some amazing prizes and is running from now until, you guessed it, 11/11/11. Check it out!

And I tag...

The aforementioned Jeigh
Jess at Write.Skate.Dream
Julie (who is still running that Early Works blogfest I mentioned - go check it out!)

I'll stop there, but I promise I read blogs by people whose names don't start with J.


  1. Well, we all know J names ARE the best :) I also love Ultimate! And I also have no sense of direction. A guy once sent me on a scavenger hunt to ask me to a school dance, and all his directions were like, "Go to the north end of the park blah blah blah." I got so lost so he had to come out of his hiding place and point me in the right direction. HA!

  2. That was a fabulous list! Congrats, you record holder, you.

  3. Thanks, Peggy!

    Jeigh - Yay, ultimate! Glad we have another thing in common (other than our navigational challenges :-P)

  4. I love sports as well and wore #11 all through high school.

    This was a fun list - thanks for sharing. I look forward to following you.

  5. Thanks so much, Tasha. I'm now enjoying your blog too.

    Unfortunately through most of high school someone else always grabbed #11, so I had to adopt some back-up lucky numbers.

  6. Love this list, Jillian! Thanks for sharing. :)

    I may be way out of touch with things so I had no idea there were frisbee teams! Very cool.

    And I wish I had more artistic talent than I do. I love collage and want to get into it. I took a mosaics class once and was actually pretty happy with the result. :)