Thursday, July 14, 2011


I love our new house and my new office, especially the LOFT!

When I first saw this space (and squealed with joy), I imagined turning it into a Moroccan lounge writing retreat. Kind of like this:

Or the place where Laini Taylor stayed in Douar Samra:

My design dreams were seriously curtailed by prices and the limited availability of Moroccan-esque things, but I'm still very content with my new, cozy writing space.


The lantern opens to hold writing books - perfect!
And I love the very green view!

Now it's time for me to head up there and get to work!


  1. Nice design choices! I particularly like the second idea. The color of the sofa matches your wall. It will definitely look good in your office. Anyway, how’s your loft so far? I hope you’ve been having a great time working there.

    Ling Mancil

    1. Thanks! We have since moved, but it was a nice spot while it lasted, and now the pillows live on an equally lovely window seat.