Monday, July 18, 2011

A Brief Note on Nighttime

Even though I can usually sleep in until whenever now, I’ve been trying to keep an “adult” schedule where I’m all early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise and stuff. Some of this comes from the fact that I can finally be on the same sleeping and waking schedule as my husband, which is very exciting; thanks to the new job he now leaves the house around 7 in the morning rather than 4:30 in the morning. Yay for new jobs!

But sometimes I give into my old night owl ways and stay up late to read or write or waste time on the internet or potter around the house with a mug of hot chocolate. I still enjoy working at night, even though my days of considering 2 or 3 in the morning a completely normal bedtime are a few years behind me. 


 Besides, being alone at night I get *insights* like this string of gems from last night:
  • My slippers are REALLY LOUD. I bet I’m waking up Kyle just by walking around. I thought slippers were supposed to be stealth footwear.
  • Carrying a mug of hot liquid up a rung ladder is SO not a good idea. Maybe if I rigged up that lantern thing on a, horrible plan. I wish they made something that would let me safely transport hot chocolate and coffee and… wait a second...
  • I wonder where I put that collection of travel mugs that I never use.
  • I really need to install a light up in this loft. I can see nothing but the blindingly bright screen. But thank you, obsessive AIM messenger use in college, for making me a fairly good touch-typist.
  • I am so not going to roll out of bed until 9 or 10 tomorrow. I wonder if I should tell Kyle that most days I only pretend to be awake when he leaves and usually go back to bed?
So, yeah, I’m not quite on the Ben Franklin productivity schedule yet. But I have actually been writing a lot every day and using the loft for most of it, which is exciting because there was a small piece of me that feared I would make a big deal out of my writing loft and then never actually use it for anything productive. But I HAVE! I’m excited about where the work is headed so far, and I plan to be back soon with more updates and summer writing goals and all that jazz. 

Until then, happy writing, whenever it is that you do it!


  1. I actually posted a poem about this just a few days ago!

    Although, I now have a six-week-old son, and things are a little different.
    I'm still up at 1:13am, but for some reason it's a little less of a frolic.

  2. Oh yes! I did read (and love :-D) that poem... and maybe I subconsciously internalized it?

    I suppose I wouldn't mind returning to my 2am bedtime for a little one... the problem is I hear they also wake you up again at 3am.

    And 4am...

    And 5am...