Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Interrupt this Photo Friday with an Important Announcement

I am finally emerging victorious from my pile of grading with crazy and exciting news. 

After a very long search to escape his stressful work and miserable commute, my husband landed a new job a few days ago. 

 ...across the country, in Oregon.

We're moving there in exactly a month. I’m still trying to figure out if the whole thing has really registered, or if I still believe I’m packing up all of my earthly possessions for a brief vacation to one of our favorite places.  

We fell in love with Oregon on our cross-country bicycle trip, and the next summer we took a normal person vacation (meaning one with a flight out there and a rental car, so that we could actually visit places), partly to make sure our love for Oregon wasn’t just end-of-the-trip-euphoria. 

It wasn’t. 

And now, almost exactly two years later, we're moving there for good. The packing and goodbyes are already getting really difficult, but we can't wait for this next adventure in our lives. 

I imagine the posts for the next few weeks will be (1) a bit scattered and (2) all about the move, meaning one part Oregon obsession and one part packing panic, but I promise to stick to the entertaining bits, and I'll return to regularly scheduled programming once we get out there. I'm actually looking forward to having more time to blog and write once we're settled, since I'll be leaving my three jobs behind and searching for just one.

And since it's now after midnight and technically Photo Friday, here's a very random smattering of Oregon photos from our last trip. 

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