Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi Guys

Said in my sheepish child dinosaur voice. You’d know it if you heard it.

Just here to point out that I’m not deceased or being held captive by monkeys or following in the steps of other bloggers who are currently stepping back from blogging to work on writing (so much no). 

I’m just in the mad rush that is the end of the semester, and which I promise is almost as crazed and stressful for instructors as it is for students, plus we have several extra days of grading afterwards.

And then my husband pointed out that we should probably both try to finish some version of our manuscripts by the end of the semester so that we can print them out using the printers at school instead of our own be responsible employees who never misuse company resources. I doubt it's possible, but you know how much I love adding items to my already over-packed to-do list.

So hang on with me, everyone in school right now. I’ll be back with some procrastination distractions over the next few days.

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