Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Photo: Fashion?

Today is less of a Photo Friday and more of a WTF Friday. I was wandering the clearance shelves at an outlet shoe store when I discovered that Barbie’s shoes had been blown up to human size, right down to the unyielding plastic and complete lack of arch support.

And I thought discovering Genuine Ken would be the strangest Barbie-related moment of my month. I’m no longer surprised by any reality TV concept – thank you to previews of Wife Swap, Temptation Island, The Swan, Solitary, and other gems for completely inoculating me – but I’m rather confused about why the Barbie company thought that show was a good idea.

As a sidenote, I apologize if the song "Barbie Girl" is running through anyone else's head right now.  (Oh, it wasn't until now? Bwahahahaha. Ahem.)

For those of you looking for better photos of better (but equally crazy) shoes, check out the always lovely Laini's latest post while I get some much needed sleep. 

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