Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Shelves

I just completed my third book for the Off The Shelves Challenge. That means I’m only... <<shuffles calendar, crunches numbers>> 2.5 books behind right now. Not so bad, I guess, since I started late and the past few weeks have been rather hectic.

But someone really needs to remind me that the purpose of this challenge isn’t just to read more; it’s to clear off space on my stuffed and sagging shelves. Which means I definitely shouldn’t add more books to them right now. NopeNopeNope. Not even if they are FREE BOOKS ON WRITING left up for grabs in the staff lounge. 

Alas, I’m weak... 

 To be fair, there were a dozen books available and only four made their way home with me. I’m going to count that as a victory even if my husband doesn’t. 

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