Sunday, February 27, 2011

Magic on the Walls

Today I discovered (via my husband via Reddit) two amazing Calvin and Hobbes murals, originally posted by Flickr user HowBrownMetBlue.

 Clearly we need to have something equally amazing for our hypothetical children, even though we'll have to hire someone to paint it. Unless, of course, the theme of the mural is “a land full of two-dimensional palm trees, raptors, penguins, and stick-figure people,” which would fit our artistic talents nicely. 

And while we’re hiring a muralist (which is, to my surprise, apparently a real word), he or she might as well paint my office, right? I mean, just imagine how amazing it would be to write stories in the midst of a fantastical forest teeming with strange and wonderful creatures. I would say I’m sketching out exciting ideas already, but, well, you know…

What would grace the walls of your ideal writer’s retreat?

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