Thursday, February 3, 2011


Until I actually have a draft in solid shape (note to self: WORK FASTER!) I won’t feel ready to really leap into the whole networking-conferencing-critiquing-networking game. But that doesn’t mean I should be a shut-in writer whose only learning comes from books and blogs on writing, right? 

Yesterday I attended a creative writing event at the community college where I teach; it was an open house for the writing program followed by a one hour workshop on story structure by a local author. The workshop covered plot structures that I’d read about but not really internalized, so it was a well-timed refresher. Plus I have some handy handouts now :-D
Most importantly, it was a good step forward (especially considering that the only other writing event I’d ever attended was a presentation by a literary agent at my grad school, and I only showed up to that because I had friends in the MFA program). It's time to start acting like a writer, you know?

After the open house I even thought about signing up for a class (the one on plots, because my goodness does mine need some help!) but giving up my only free evening this semester is a recipe for a nervous breakdown. There’s always the summer, by which time I should have a polished draft. (Hear that, self?) 

I'll get there. 

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