Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scowling, Shuddering, and Sighing

Something I didn’t mention in my entry on Incarceron is that the characters seem to scowl a lot. The widespread scowling might be intentional – a way to link protagonists from different worlds  but it's also a reminder of that every author and story has a few of those quirks.

For example, here are some things that my characters like to do way too much in my current WIP:
  • Shudder 
  • Sigh 
  • Suddenly realize something 
  • Find themselves doing something  (As in: Collin found himself nodding distractedly without understanding a word.)
I think the shuddering works given the circumstances, but there are way too many exasperated sighs happening, and all of the suddenly realizing and finding themselves makes it sound like my characters spend most of their time in an inattentive haze. A haze filled with too many adverbs, apparently. 

Thank goodness for revision!

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