Friday, January 7, 2011

Look, A Silly Bus!

I’ve really wanted to work on my story and blog this week, I promise. I haven’t let myself, however, because I MUST FINISH THE SYLLABUS. 

(Actually I need to finish three of them, but syllabus is a tricky word to pluralize. Syllabi sounds best, but the people in grad school who were overly proud of their Ancient Greek always insisted on syllabuses. My husband and I have taken to just calling them silly buses and complaining about how much it sucks to drive them.)

Anyway, I finally realized that if I have time this week to occasionally read blogs and webcomics and Sapphique – hey, I promise I’ve been working long and hard on planning, but it’s simply not possible to read a textbook straight through with no breaks – I have time to get some writing done. No excuses. This semester promises to be another crazybusy one (I’m still working two part-time jobs on top of teaching), so if I start using teaching responsibilities as a reason to ignore my story, I’ll never get any writing done. So no more of that… back to writing regularly again. I feel better already.

I probably shouldn't use lengthy blogging to avoid writing / lesson planning either, though, so back to work I go!

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