Thursday, January 20, 2011

And another thing...

I have crazy curly hair that I sometimes try to tame with anti-frizz gel and a diffuser, but we all know who’s really in charge. This morning decided it wanted to be a frizzy mess…with one perfect, spiral ringlet in the front.

I can’t explain it either. 

Similarly, this post will be a random collection of recent happenings and thoughts.

This evening I had my final tutoring sessions with some students who are taking the SAT on Saturday, and one of them gave me a tin of homemade treats!!!! Working mostly at the college level, I’m not used to getting teacher gifts, so I was doubly excited. Though we go to the same gym, so my student should know I don’t need a pile of chocolate covered cookies that are this delicious!

And then I found out that during our tutoring session, a woman had her purse snatched just outside the tutoring center. Boo. I know we're near a bad area of town, but I didn’t think it had reached the point where people were getting robbed in broad daylight. Note to self: Stop taking the sketchy pedestrian tunnel to get from one side of the shopping complex to the other.   

And, finally…I mentioned cyclist Jens Voigt in my last entry. However, I neglected to explain all of the reasons that he’s amazing, so I’m going to remedy that situation right now.

First, he has a Facts page, like Chuck Norris and Mr T. It includes gems like "Sharks have a Jens Voigt week" and "Jens no longer has a shadow because he dropped it repeatedly until it climbed into the Saxo Bank team car claiming a stomach ailment and retired."

But the crazy thing is, his real life stories are just as good.

When a crash totaled his bike during the Tour, Voigt refused to give up and ride in the van. Instead, he borrowed a child’s bike and road it 12km to get to his back-up bike. He also shrugged off the stitches and damaged ribs, saying that last year he was in the hospital at this time, so it could be worse. (Which is pretty much what I used to say about any frisbee injuries that weren’t broken bones.)

And he has something important to teach anyone trying to reach their goals. When asked how he always pushes himself in races and rides through the muscle pain, Voigt had a simple but brilliant answer: 

I say, "Shut up, legs!

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