Friday, December 10, 2010


Other than the ridiculously redundant paperwork that comes with submitting final grades, I am done for the semester. 

<does tired version of happy dance>

I had planned to celebrate with a day of productive errands followed by hours in a coffee shop, but just as I was heading out the door I noticed that it was snowing. A lot. I stubbornly trudged out to my car anyway, but when I noticed how slowly the cars were driving to avoid sliding off the road, I decided that staying home in my pajamas with a giant cup of hot cocoa was a much better idea. To mock me, the snow stopped half an hour later and quickly disappeared from the roads, but I didn’t really mind; it was a wonderful and relaxing day at home. 

Most importantly, I returned to my Nano project after having a week off to ponder. In that pondering time I eliminated an entire character (sorry Cora! I know that you were the first person in the book, but it just wasn’t working out) and figured out an entirely new motivation and back story for another. I also started to decide which scenes should stay and which were really just random coinages of my word hungry NanoBrain. 

Summary: Many changes will be made.

So today I opened up a fresh, new Word document and started again, sort of. I know that some authors do complete rewrites where they write scenes from scratch without looking at the old material, but I’m just leaving one sentence place holders for old scenes that I want to keep and then writing around them with a lot of new material. When I go to merge the two we’ll see what else needs major work.    

There is an unbelievable amount to do on the project, but it does feel really good to be back.

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