Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Work

I took a writing break during our Christmas travels, and now I’m back and feeling rejuvenated. That energy + avoiding lesson planning and cleaning the house = 3000 fresh words today plus a ton of editing. Woot! 

After the writing and editing, I started in on the copying and pasting required to combine various story pieces that are in three different files. I started to combine them into a Scrivener file, but then decided to stick with Word for now because (1) I noticed that all of the text that I copied and pasted into Scrivener lost its apostrophes. I assume it’s something easily fixable having to do with straight quotes versus curvy quotes, but I don’t feel like figuring it out now since (2) the Windows version of Scrivener that I'm using is still in Beta, so I figured I might as well wait until the real version comes out in a few months. I’ll keep experimenting with it to see if I want to buy it, but I'm thinking I will, especially since I can get it for $20 with my Nanowrimo discount, and less if I qualify for the instructor’s version. 

Anyone out there have any experiences with Scrivener to share?

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