Saturday, November 6, 2010


The NanoStats are still mocking me (I’m currently projected to finish in mid-December, and I swear at one point there was a “Days Behind: 5  Days Ahead: 0” line), but I’m feeling much better about my brand new WIP. The world and characters are forming up quite nicely, and the plot is unfolding itself – very slowly and only as it sees fit, of course, but that’s all part of the fun at this point. It will still require superhuman effort to finish on time (especially since the end of November is the start of final exam insanity), but I’m confident that it’s possible, or at least that the experience will be enjoyable and useful enough that I won’t really mind not winning. (Yes, readers who know me and are now scoffing, it is possible for me to enjoy something that I don't win.) 

Sometimes the writing goes well and sometimes it doesn’t, but the latter has been a blessing of its own. I’ve realized that I can enjoy writing even when I’m not doing it very well, which is definitely not the case when I’m teaching, cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, etc. (Okay, so maybe I do really like to win.) It’s a really uplifting revelation. Not only does it mean that writing is a good career option for me, but it also means that even if I don’t ever get published, it’s still something worth pursuing for my pure enjoyment. (Though obviously I’d rather win at that too.)

In any case, YAY Nanowrimo, YAY writing, and YAY optimism that makes me yell YAY so much.

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