Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nano No-No Update

Decisions are not my forte. 

In the week before Nanowrimo, I finally decided to work on my WIP for the month, even though that's not technically allowed. 

Then, on November 1st -- that't right, the first day of Nanowrimo -- I had a change of heart and decided that the WIP simply wasn't the way to go. This was partly because I wasn't sure that I had enough plot and steam left in the WIP to carry me through 50,000 high-speed words, partly because, deep down, I am a rule follower, and partly because I am naturally and irrepressibly indecisive. 

So I jumped into a brand new story that has been percolating in my mind for a few months but which has little to no plot and only 2 of the 4ish protagonists that I think it will include. It's going to be interesting.  

And as the more-complex-than-last-year (which I secretly LOVE) NanoStats gleefully remind me whenever the site actually manages to load, I am already very behind.  I lost Monday to my indecision, I wrote 1000 words on Tuesday, and I got in a mere 300 words more just now because Wednesdays are my teaching hell days that never end. 

Not. Good.

Did I mention that I'm working without a plan? 

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