Monday, October 4, 2010

Rejected Blog Titles

Since I talked about the blog title in my last entry, I thought I would treat you to some of the other options that could have been. 

The closest runner-up was “Writing Against a Headwind,” a reference to my experience with the more exhausting side of bicycle touring and similar challenges with writing. I also briefly liked “The Reading, Riding Raconteur.” But ultimately I decided not to go the bicycling route (ha! the puns never end) since my husband and I already have a bicycling blog. Plus, I’m better at drawing tree limbs than bicycles, probably because they’re closer to stick figures.

For a while my best option really seemed to be “Catchy Title,” which is what I use in my sample paper when I teach MLA formatting. 

I also thought about calling the blog “Jillian Jots,” but that would give readers the very, very mistaken idea that I’m usually brief. Ahem.

But now I’m going to ruin the joke by actually being brief (for me), since it’s almost 11 and I still need to get my WIP writing done for today. New goal: make better use of the brief breaks in my 10am-8pm workday so that I can write when I'm marginally awake and alert.

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