Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the Run

I just took my first run in over two months; I finally didn't have a cast or brace on, and it was too beautiful outside to resist. 

(I didn’t want to run while I had my arm in a cast because (1) it was already disgusting inside that thing and I didn’t need to be adding sweat, and (2) I didn’t mind the excuse to be lazy, I’ll be honest.)

It was amazing to be back running on the park paths in the crisp air… for the first ten minutes. Then my throat was on fire and I was gasping for breath and I remembered that I don’t actually like running. I run because it improves my performance in other sports, because I can do it anywhere, anytime without equipment or teammates, and because I like winning things (and by “winning things” I mean “doing well enough in my age group at charity 5Ks that I receive a prize pack or a winter hat,” not winning the actual race.) 

So I don’t hate running, but I wouldn’t call myself a true Runner, one of those rare breed who actually loves running. I’ve never experienced a runner’s high. Running doesn’t help me think clearly. I don’t feel a driving urge to go running. (Well, sometimes I do on really beautiful days, but it usually fades after those first ten minutes.) I’d much rather be playing more multi-dimensional sports with balls and opponents that distract me from the fact that I’m exerting myself. 

But running does have an added benefit at the moment: it can help me get into the head of my current MC, who is very much a Runner. While running itself doesn’t help me think, at least I can channel those first ten minutes of running euphoria and spend some quality time in my MC’s shoes.   

Now get off your computer and get outside -- it's beautiful out there. 

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