Saturday, October 23, 2010

Font Frustrations


You’re pretty popular, which is why I agreed to work with you on this project of mine. But I’d also heard things about you before our working relationship began.  You have a reputation for sometimes malfunctioning, eating posts whole and refusing to let them out into the world. So I have to admit, I was a little nervous, and I took precautions. Since the beginning I’ve typed all of my posts in Word first, just in case. Word and I have been working together for a while, you see, and aside from an awkward readjustment period after its 2007 makeover, the two of us have gotten along just fine. 

But here’s the problem: When I try to cut and paste my entries from Word to you, Blogger, something tricky happens to the font. You keep telling me that all of the entries are written in Georgia font in the same size, but clearly that isn’t the case. Look at the On the Run entry, with its absurdly towering letters, and compare it to the font in the Ice Cream entry, so cramped and subdued. I’ve tried setting a default font, I’ve tried editing the font on each entry, I’ve tried redoing my cutting and pasting after changing the font in Word… Nothing changes.

I won't even start on what you sometimes do to my spacing and paragraph divisions. 

I had such hopes for our relationship, but you’re driving me a little crazy. I’m willing to put in more effort – I’m going to try to always set the font size in Word before transferring to you, and if necessary I'll pull out my rudimentary html skills – but a little more user friendliness from you wouldn’t hurt.  

With cautious optimism for our future together,


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