Saturday, September 25, 2010


The businesses and school districts near where I live love acronyms (this may have something to do with the fact that many people in the area work for the government) so I’ve learned to embrace them too. Other writing blogs have introduced me to several useful ones for writing, including WIP for work in progress, SNI for shiny new idea, and MC for main character (though I think I prefer protag for protagonist). 

I currently have a number of WIPs that are sure to come up here and there on this blog. None of the titles floating around in my head are set in stone, so I might as well introduce them with their own acronyms: 

ATS: the YA dystopian novel that is currently demanding most of my writing attention. Two siblings go on the run when the boy’s abilities attract the attention of a repressive and paranoid post-apoc government. 

10MPH: the non-fiction bicycle travelogue that I probably should be working on instead, since it currently has the most material and best chance of being published. It’s an adaptation of the blog that my husband and I wrote about our tandem bicycle trip across the country.

CA/P: A collection of concepts, characters, and written but disconnected scenes that will someday come together into probably two (but maybe one or three) dark YA fantasy novels. I have a number of rough storylines and characters, all of whom enter the same fantasy world, but I haven’t figured out how connected they are to each other yet. I’m thinking of tackling part of this mess for Nanowrimo, but I need to do more planning first. 

TT: A time-travel comedy, very much in the beginning stages, that is my alternative plan for Nanowrimo. In an ideal world it would be the time-travel version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but I know that I’m no Douglas Adams. 

S: My Nanowrimo project from last year. It’s about a boy who tries to flee the death of his mother and tension with his father by riding his bicycle around the eastern US. He meets up with another high school boy and they have various adventures, self-realizations, and near-death experiences. I finished a full draft and planned to call it Shift, until I discovered that someone had already written a book called Shift, and that it was also about two boys who escape their parental problems by riding their bicycles across the country. Arrrggg. I’m shelving the project for now, but I may be able to use the first third to lead into a completely different book idea, so we’ll see.   

It’s the first day of Gear-Up-for-Write-Every-Day-In-October-In-Preparation-for-National-Novel-Writing-Month (GUWEDIOIPNaNoWriMo), so I should probably stop blogging and get to work on ATS.  


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