Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday's Post on Wednesdays

I realize that I don’t have many readers yet (hi Mom!), but I figure I should explain why I didn’t blog yesterday, and why I will, in all likelihood, never blog on Wednesdays. Or most Tuesdays, actually. Oh well.  

My typical Wednesday: 

7:30 - I wake up horribly drowsy from staying up late the night before grading or lesson planning or both. This part is definitely my own fault, but it's still unpleasant.

8:00 -  I wake up again and actually get out of bed. I grudgingly get ready and drag myself out the door around 9:00, which is when I’m required to vacate the parking lot behind my apartment.

9:20 -  I arrive at school and spend an hour doing last minute planning, competing for the copying machine, and eating my breakfast of cappuccino and animal crackers. (You may think I want your pity at this point, but this is actually my ideal breakfast.)

10:30-12:45  I teach class #1.

12:45-2:00  In theory, I take a pleasant hour lunch break. In reality, I wolf down unsatisfying snacks while I plan and print and finish other flotsam and jetsam that I should have completed earlier. 

2:00-4:30  I teach class #2. And yes, all of my classes are unnaturally long; they all have labs.  

 4:30-5:00  In theory, I eat dinner during this half hour. In reality, I spend too much time meeting with students, moving stacks of dictionaries into the classroom, and doing yet more copying, leaving me about three minutes to eat my microwaved Lean Cuisine meal. Half of it burns my mouth and the other half goes back into the fridge for later. Much later.   

5:00-9:00  I teach class #3. It’s a four hour class… on sentence skills. (Ok, ok, I have to be honest: I actually have a lot of fun in this class, and at least half of my students seem to enjoy it as well. We just all wish that it didn’t keep us at school until 9pm.)

9:01  I stumble to my car. As soon as I sit down, my back aches and my toes tingle painfully, because I’ve been on my feet all day but the sheer adrenaline of non-stop teaching has made me oblivious to pain until now.

9:20  I somehow make it home. I know I should go to bed, but I have just enough of a teaching high left that I can’t. I’m also not quite awake enough to actually be productive, so I wander around in a half-hyper daze for an hour, consuming all of the food that I can find, and then finally collapse into bed. For some reason I look forward to Thursday, even though I have to tutor from 9-2 and 4-7, which is still a fairly long day. It’s just so low stress in comparison, because no teaching or frenetic copying is involved.   
But you shouldn’t feel bad for me (ok, obviously I want you to feel at least a little bad for me) because I do have Fridays off, and clearly some of the Wednesday chaos is my own fault. But even if I was ahead of the game, I would still have to spend 12 hours at school with 2 short food breaks, which would be enough to exhaust anyone. 

Unfortunately, I neglected to factor Wednesdays into WEDIO (Write Every Day In October). This is going to be interesting. I suppose I could write when I get home... it's about consistency, not quality or sanity, right?
Looking forward to Friday...

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